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Haspengouw: 5 bivakzones

Grootloon - Rukkelingen-Loon - Kerkom - Genoelselderen -  Hoeselt




Deze bivakzones in Limburgs Haspengouw zijn een initiatief van het Regionaal Landschap Haspengouw & Voeren ism het Agentschap voor Natuur & Bos, de gemeentelijke of stedelijke  overheden van Borgloon, Heers, Sint-Truiden, Riemst en Hoeselt en met provinciale, Vlaamse en Europese steun.






This network of 5 bivouac areas in the Haspengouw region (province of Limburg) has been set up by the authority 'Regional Landscape of Haspengouw & Voeren'. These bivouac areas are managed by townships or by the Flemish Agency for Nature and Forests (ANB). They are located in different but representative types of landscape for Haspengouw. Each bivouac area has two or three wooden tent platforms. Each platform can carry 2 or 3 small trekkingtents of 4/5 people. You can pitch your tent up to 48 hrs (2 nights) at the same bivouac area. Free stay. No reservation or registration necessary. Bivouac areas should not be confused with small campings, rules are different, comfort facilities limited or non-existent and you are held personally responsible to keep the area spotlessly clean and quiet during your short stay. A small campfire is only allowed in bivouac areas Hooilingen and Speelboomgaard at the specifically designated place, not elsewhere and and in favorable weather conditions (no long dry period, no strong winds). Campfires are strictly forbidden at the other bivouac areas. Toilets, no water pumps, make sure you bring enough drinking and washing water with you. Strictly forbidden access for any motorized vehicle, only on foot or by bike. Lots of waymarked walking and cycle trails in the area. Enjoy your short stay. Leave no trace, just your footsteps.